The Most Affordable Condos in Seattle, This Week

    With the Seattle real estate market continuing to hit record prices, the prospect of actually buying something, especially if you’re on a budget, can seem pretty daunting. Lower prices are one of the many great reasons to consider going with a condo, rather than a detached single-family home. The lack of yard and building maintenance can also make condos appealing to buyers who’d rather spend their time on other activities. And then there are the amenities, like covered parking, pools, rooftop decks, etc., that often come along with the package.

    Here’s a list of the most affordable condos for sale in, and around, Seattle, this week.¬†What’s great is that this list regenerates every time you click on it, so it will always be current. So come back again, and again, whenever you want a quick, fun distraction!

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