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Edgewood Real Estate

Edgewood is a little rural city in Pierce County, with a populace of 10,599 individuals. It is a Regional focus found East shore of Puget Sound in west-focal Washington. Neighboring towns join Milton toward the northwest, Federal Way toward the north, and Puyallup toward the south.

This calm, clean, and safe territory is known for its pleasant homesteads, excellent homes, agreeable individuals, and ever-developing business activities. Edgewood offers its inhabitants a suitable environment with a more significant part of the occupants owning territories. An ideal spot for families; with its bounty of open land spaces, a nearby gym, bunches of parks, and cafés, including McDonald’s and Taco Time, coffee shops, and an educational system that offers the kids a school bus for transportation.

One of Edgewood’s notable places of interest is the Nyholm Windmill. The windmill was Edgewood’s first achievement and has become the conventional image for Edgewood. It is even on the city’s flag. The factory on Peter Nyholm’s ranch is known as the best farm in the zone, making fruits, vegetables, and many others developed starting from the ground up. From little beginnings, mind-blowing things can blossom as is substantial for the exceptional City of Edgewood.


The modest community is consistently extending and has started to add tall high rises to accommodate more occupants. Regardless, it figures out how to keep the small-town feel with its tranquility amidst all the changes. With job opportunities available in surplus, particularly for youngsters, Edgewood is the hidden pearl of Pierce County.