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Pacific Real Estate

Pacific is a city in Washington with its territory spanning across the King and Pierce counties. The city is located between Seattle and Tacoma, making it a very vibrant commuter location. As at the 2010 census, its population was a little over 6,600. It is a 30-minute drive from Seattle and 21 minutes away from Tacoma, allowing residents working in either city to live in the Pacific without traffic hassles. The city has an attractive setting with an alluring feel and is home to beautiful sights like Lake Tapps, Roegner, and Lake Geneva Parks.


Employment opportunities are far from depleted in Pacific with industries like Morpac, Shaw, and Consolidated Supply Co. situated in the city. The Sumner Middle School and Alpac Elementary School provide educational supply to the city’s residents and are ranked above average. The city has the feels of a suburban town and is densely populated.  It is a safe place to live with very low crime rates. It also offers a diverse community and a slightly educated populace, with most residents having some college education.


Housing is very affordable, and a higher percentage of inhabitants own their homes. Festivities are not hard to come by in Seattle suburbs, and Pacific sure ticks this box cleanly with the annual Pacific Days Festival, one of the many celebrations in the city.