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SeaTac Real Estate

Housing the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and deriving its name from a portmanteau, SeaTac is one of the more popular cities in Kings County. It was named after the Seattle-Tacoma airport, which it enclaves. The city has got a lot of fun and recreational spots, particularly parks and botanical gardens, including the Angel Lake Park, the Bow Lake Park, and the Des Moines Creek Trail Park. It is also home to the Raisbeck Aviation High school and the Alaska/Horizon GO airline. The city is less than 16 miles from Seattle, feeding off three highways and is served by the Link Light rail. SeaTac is a lovely place to live with plenty of stores and shops, and it has a sound commute system.

It has a beautiful, nature-infused scenery and great water views. Parks, Art Galleries, and beautiful homes contribute to the aesthetic appeal of this great city and can be found almost anywhere you look. This city sure loves its fun, and festivals such as ‘Mystic Worlds Seattle’ and ‘Cornucopia Days’ take place annually. Housing an international airport and being only minutes away from Seattle, SeaTac is a busy place and a tourist hive. However, it has a strong sense of community and a diverse ethnic composition. Work is easy to find in an environment that lets businesses thrive, and SeaTac sure does that. Housing is readily affordable both for purchase and rental services.