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Wilkeson Real Estate

Wilkeson is a small and sparsely populated town in Washington. Its small population gives it a tranquil ambiance as well as offering rural and natural feelings. On the climate front, it is a humid region with warm summers and has a very natural feel with forests and great adventurous tourist sites like the Wilkeson Arch Museum, the Trails foothills, and Melmont Ghost Town Hike. It is also close to Mt. Rainier National Park and the Carbon River. The town boasts the oldest elementary school in Washington, the Wilkeson Elementary School.

Wilkeson is in Pierce County, which is part of the Seattle metropolitan area (Wilkeson is 39 miles from Seattle) being one of the three most populous counties in Washington, home to the Cascade Range and Mount Rainier – the highest jab in the county and Washington state. Despite being in a densely populated county, Wilkeson town is itself lowly populated as its 2010 census results show a population of about 477 people. The town also offers affordable housing, with most of its residents owning their own homes. The town also holds its own on the festive side as it hosts the Wilkeson National Handcar Races on the third Saturday of July every year. The Handcar races feature a parade, as well as food vending and other fun activities.